Online Master’s in Finance and Analytics

The Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business is proud to offer a dynamic Online Master of Science in Finance and Analytics (MSFA) program for the modern financial professional. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, SCU Leavey is uniquely positioned to help you find success in today’s exciting business landscape entirely on your schedule and at your convenience. In as little as one year, you can master the art and science of finance and complete the program without missing a step in your career.

As new markets and strategies continue to emerge, there’s no telling where the industry will go. To stay ahead of it all, the Online MSFA faculty and staff at SCU Leavey draw from their own distinguished experiences and the far-reaching influence of our Silicon Valley neighbors. Together, they track upcoming trends and adapt the curriculum to meet the evolving needs of financial professionals. This dedication to excellence, combined with the esteem and connections for which Santa Clara is known, will make you a true organizational asset wherever you are, or wherever you plan to go next.

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Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Earn your master’s degree online with Santa Clara University. Our Online Master of Science in Finance and Analytics, offered through the Leavey School of Business, teaches the finance skills and business knowledge necessary to excel in the finance sector or in a financial management role anywhere throughout the corporate world.

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Master Financial Management

The Online MS in Finance and Analytics program is designed for financial professionals who want to actively pursue senior positions or deepen their focus and pivot into new opportunities. Armed with enviable credentials (and the skills to back them up), you’ll develop the in-depth knowledge needed to excel in a management or C-suite role in the financial sector, or in a finance leadership role in any organization. That includes powerful career prospects as a senior financial analyst, portfolio manager, director of finance, or chief financial officer.

If you’re interested in investing in your career, there’s no better time than the present. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the financial sector as a whole to grow over the next nine years, with much faster than average growth for financial manager roles in particular.1,2 Whether your goals point toward a future in corporate finance, capital markets, or investment management, the STEM-designated Online Master’s in Finance and Analytics from the No. 12 business school in Finance can prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to take you to the next level in this lucrative and burgeoning field.3

What to Expect in the Online MSFA Program

Finance is more than counting numbers and balancing budgets, just as your journey to earning your Online MS in Finance and Analytics is more than academic. Guided by our illustrious and dedicated faculty, you’ll not only learn the intricacies of corporate finance, econometrics, investments and more, but you’ll also gain invaluable financial acumen, professional perspective and business connections to last a lifetime.

To meet employers expectations, financial leaders in today’s world must also know how to use and derive insights from rapidly evolving quantitative tools. The Online MSFA program will teach you to use analytics tools like Python and R programming, machine learning, database management, and data visualization, and our unique “Finance Forward” program theme will train you to synthesize them into a wide-ranging strategic vision.

Program Details

  • 36 units of credit
  • 10-12 courses
  • Complete in as little as 1 year
  • 1 on-campus residency
  • Expedited admissions pathway available for SCU alumni
  • 2 opportunities to start per year (fall and spring)
  • Experiential learning component
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Our MSFA alumni stand out in Silicon Valley and beyond.
Cisco | Facebook | Tesla | Hitachi | Deloitte | Merrill Lynch | Morgan Stanley | Wells Fargo

Shape Your Own Path

In keeping with the flexibility and customizability for which the Leavey School of Business is known, the Online MSFA program gives you the opportunity to craft your own curriculum with 16 units of elective credit. Whether you want to drill down further into the technical tools at your disposal, expand your knowledge in specific subject areas like valuation and financial engineering, or complete an optional supervised practicum, our program can be shaped to meet your needs.

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