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Most industries increasingly depend on data analytics to drive decision-making and improve workflows.
Top-selling brands, large and small, strive to understand why people choose their products and services over their competitors’.
Cloud solutions for business analytics can be a game-changer. It’s essential not only to know how the integration benefits corporations, but also to gain firsthand experience in using the cloud infrastructure effectively.
The road to getting a business degree is challenging. With only so many hours in a day, juggling your job, personal responsibilities, online MBA, and family life might feel impossible.
The value of online marketing through content marketing has surpassed $60 billion. Expert marketers find themselves constantly developing new ways to meet the evolving demands of a successful content marketing campaign.
The financial landscape of online MBA programs is complex. From understanding the tuition and fees to running cost comparisons and exploring payment options and financial aid resources, there's much to consider.
These are the tips to improve job hunting, interviewing, and networking for marketing professionals.
Learn how to create a strong brand identity, as well as explore online reputation management tips and future trends in digital marketing.
Most companies strive to achieve business growth and increase profits. It can be challenging, however, to determine which decisions will lead to the best financial outcomes. This uncertainty about the company's major business decisions can lead to conflict among decision-makers and poor strategic planning.
As technology continues to shape human society, financial technology–also known as FinTech–has emerged as a ubiquitous force in financial markets and the banking sector. The essence of FinTech lies in its ability to streamline, enhance, and often wholly transform traditional financial services.
Financial statements offer critical information about a company's operations. Understanding how to analyze financial documents can also help you evaluate potential business partners or vendors, develop departmental budgets, or make investment decisions.
Learn about some of the top business intelligence and data analytics software that businesses today are using to gain insights and boost performance.
Businesses measure the success of their marketing campaigns based on the revenue they generate, but there isn’t always a straight, clear line between marketing and sales. Effective marketing teams use additional metrics to determine whether their marketing strategies are successful or not.
To be a successful leader in the modern finance workplace, you need to be fluent in data analysis and visualization.
The adoption of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in business is expanding quickly. With the right expertise, this can be an opportunity instead of a threat.
A key component of running any successful business is regularly conducting market analysis—a process that provides insight into where the company is and where it's heading.
Many online MBA programs routinely partner with companies that can strengthen your network and help advance your career.
Earning your MBA online can give you more flexibility and allow you to study from any location. It is essential, however, to choose a program that aligns with your schedule, learning needs, and priorities. There are several online MBA formats to consider.
Not all data is created equal. Poor data quality can cause business leaders to make faulty decisions and miscalculate risk. Data governance practices can help companies avoid these issues and maintain data quality control.
In recent years, studies have shown that businesses that embrace diversity, in gender as well as many other areas, have a higher likelihood of outperforming their competitors. Women need to be ready to take the reins and help lead these companies toward success in a more equitable and prosperous future.
Optimize data management in organizations. Learn data collection, storage, analysis, security, and ethics for informed decisions and improved efficiency.
Despite the growing presence of social media platforms, email remains a top marketing tool.
With access to the right data, marketers can evaluate how current strategies are performing and develop new approaches, such as personalized marketing campaigns, to help them engage with more potential customers.
Unlock social media marketing success with key elements: engaging content, influencers, and performance measurement for business growth.
Success is not a solo endeavor. As a graduate student pursuing an MBA, you have already experienced notable success. In working toward more, you’re not alone.
Explore the exciting FinTech applications revolutionizing the finance industry.
Financial analysis drives sound business decision-making for governments, companies, and investors when considering plans and budgets for current and future projects.
Finance and analytics professionals use data, powerful software, and other tools to help clients and businesses manage their money. Their insights allow individuals and organizations to make strategic business and investment decisions and optimize financial performance.
Albert Einstein is often credited with defining insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." In business, the repetition of old and ineffective methods can prove costly.
Data analytics is the science by which experts analyze massive amounts of raw data in order to make conclusions about information. It has exploded in popularity as businesses seek new ways to understand their clients and optimize performance.
Marketing is more than brainstorming the next advertising idea—it’s the process of communicating key brand messages and delivering value. To succeed in this dynamic field, professionals need a diverse skill set and up-to-date knowledge of consumer behavior, persuasive techniques, and professional technology.
Despite the rise of remote work and widespread internet connectivity that should make location irrelevant, cutting-edge startups—and the people who want to work for them—continue to flock to Silicon Valley.
A business with poor financial risk management can quickly go downhill–not only in the form of financial instability but also damaged reputation among employees, customers, and potential business partners.
Strategic decision-making is crucial for any organization seeking a competitive edge, and data is the driving force behind strategy. The demand for skilled professionals who can harness the power of data and transform it into actionable insights has never been greater.