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While there’s never a guarantee that any one experience will change your career for the better, Santa Clara’s Online MBA is designed to accelerate your success with breadth of knowledge, focused network development, and experiential leadership training. Completing this program shows current and potential employers that you’ve pursued advanced knowledge and not only have the desire to lead but also the skills needed to succeed.

By the time Leavey School of Business graduates reach the midpoint of their careers, they have, on average, nearly doubled their starting salaries. Their median earnings by then? $167,800 annually.1 Additionally, Santa Clara University is a fixture in Silicon Valley, with more than 24,000 of our business school alumni finding new roles in the tech-focused region’s companies. You could be next.

Santa Clara statistics speak volumes. $167,800 Average mid-career salary for Leavey graduates

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Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Earn your master’s degree online from Santa Clara University. Our online programs through the Leavey School of Business offer you the best of our traditional on-campus programs with unparalleled flexibility. Get inspired and join in SCU’s legacy of ethics and innovation, no matter where you live and work.

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Thomas Mallick
From Our Students
I will be thrilled to be a part of the extensive and influential alumni network, working to further innovation in the Silicon Valley and beyond.
'20, Online MBA

Online MBA and MS Career Support

Whether you hope to advance along your current path or shift into an entirely different role or industry, we are dedicated to securing your long-term career success. However, that level of success is not something that can be achieved individually. Success requires support, and our career staff and resources help ensure that whenever the next big break comes along, you're prepared.

Meet Your Dedicated Career Resources Director

Colleen Withers

Colleen Withers, Assistant Director of Online Programs Career Programming and Operations

As the dedicated Career Resources Director for the Online MBA, MSBA, MSFA, and MSM
programs, Colleen will guide you through all of the steps to strategically use your education for career advancement. She leverages her background and network to expand employer engagement and enhance career development services and programs. She has extensive experience as a human resources business partner and recruiter for Silicon Valley start-ups, renewable energy, nonprofit, and Big 4 consulting companies.

Colleen will be providing the following resources to our online students: Career Coaching, Mock Interviews, Resume Reviews, Webinars, Company Treks, Career Fairs, Workshops, and more.

SCU’s Online Master’s Career Resources Video
SCU Leavey Career Services
SCU’s Online Master’s Career Resources Video

Video Transcript

Nydia McGregor:
Welcome, everybody. We are here at Santa Clara University to talk to you today about career services with our MSBA program. You want to introduce yourself?

Colleen Withers:
I would. Colleen Withers. I'm the assistant director here, part of the Graduate Business Career Management team, focused on employer relations and all of our online programs from career coaching, one-on-one appointments, anything to do with your resume, with your LinkedIn, all sorts of review portals and platforms, lots of fun resources for all of our students at any point in their career.

Nydia McGregor:
How do they reach out?

Colleen Withers:
Yeah, so we have a team of six career coaches. You can access all six of our coaches' calendars, set up appointments at any point that works for you.

Nydia McGregor:
The moment that people get started in the program is the moment that they can start thinking about what they need to do to prepare in terms of career?

Colleen Withers:
Definitely. Yes, I would highly recommend that they do it as soon as you start. Yes.

Nydia McGregor:
That's it for Colleen for today. But as you can see, if you join Santa Clara's MSBA program, there's lots more to come. If you want more information about the program, please visit our website.

Online MBA and MS Career Management Resources

Workshops and Career Development Activities

Resume Review

One-on-one Career Coaching

Webinar Resources

Job Search Resources

Our Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers the Entrepreneur Forum Speaker Series, Business Pitch Competitions, and Office Hours events with renowned entrepreneurs

Industries Where Our  Students  Work

These categories reflect June 2018 student survey results.
Real Estate

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