Charlie Hunts, MBA '20 Candidate

Charlie Hunts, MBA '20 Graduate

Role & Company: Marketing Manager, Oakland Athletics
Location: San Francisco Bay Area

1. Please describe where you were in your career when you first considered getting an MBA. What were you looking for in an MBA program?

When I started considering an MBA, I was working in a very specialized field at an associate level in marketing. I wanted to hone leadership skills that could take teams to the next level in innovation, morale, and creativity. To do that, I needed an MBA program that had a fantastic reputation in the Bay Area and was nimble enough to flex around my unusual work schedule in sports.

2. Please describe your experience with the SCU Online MBA program.

I went in thinking I was only going to study marketing but ended up loving the leadership courses enough to change my concentration. SCU makes an effort to make the online cohorts feel as much a part of the school as the on-ground students.

3. How have you been able to incorporate learnings from the program into your work?

Frankly, the residency course taken in our first weekend of the program stood out the most. Our professors were so dynamic and the leadership lessons set the tone for the rest of the program. I was able to take learnings from that as well as business communications and quickly make use of what I learned at work the next day.

Also, members of my cohort are from all different industries in Silicon Valley. Just interacting with them has opened a range of possibilities.