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Essay SOS: 6 Tips to Improve Your Graduate School Admissions Essay

20 Nov

Regardless of your academic background, writing a strong admissions essay that communicates your desired learning goals and envisioned career outcomes is something that students often struggle with.

Without an established writing process, students can feel overwhelmed or lost when they have to write a paper again—and especially one that carries such great weight in their academic and professional future.

Thankfully, by following our outlined writing process below, you can set yourself up for success and write a stronger, more polished admissions essay. And remember, don’t sweat it! Try to have fun with it and convey your personality alongside your professional and academic merits.

Simply by following our step-by-step process, you can improve both the quality of writing overall and the impression you leave on the Admissions Committee reading your piece.

Just remember to convey your persona and professional value through a polished, purposeful essay. And with the tips above, you can smile as you hit submit, knowing your essay is sure to impress!

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