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8 Steps to Create a Strong Resume

21 Jun

Regardless of what point you're at in your career, it can be extremely difficult to sell yourself to a potential employer or graduate program. This may be due to an overabundance of humility, or it may be because you doubt the significance of your accomplishments.

A classic place in which this anxiety may manifest is in the preparation of a resume, the brief, one-page summary of your educational achievement and professional experience. Because it is so concise, your resume often forms the crucial first impression that can make or break your job or graduate school application process.

These basic best practices are a great place to start when building a resume from scratch:

  • Avoid recognizable templates which your readers may have seen before
  • Start by designing your layout, then tailor your information to fit its space
  • Divide your resume into clearly labeled sections: contact information, education, work experience, skills, etc.
  • Stick to chronological order when listing your education and work experience
  • Use active verbs to strengthen the descriptions of your job duties

However, a basic resume is not necessarily the best one you can produce, and there is much room to improve on this strong skeleton. Below, we've compiled eight tips that can help you write a better resume that packs a powerful punch and will leave your readers wowed and ready to learn more about you.

It's Time to Revise Your Resume

Once you've mastered these tips, you should be able to craft the perfect resume for any situation, whether it's to attain your dream job or to secure admission to the graduate program that will take your career to the next level.

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