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The Benefits of a Silicon Valley Education

19 Apr
Voices of the Online MBA: Gabe Limon
Voices of the Online MBA: Gabe Limon
Voices of the Online MBA: Gabe Limon

Voices of the Online MBA: Gabe Limon, Current Student

What led Gabe Limon to apply to Santa Clara University's Online MBA program is simple: He wanted to advance his career as a recruiter and a leader on a team of recruiters.

But his ultimate decision to enroll at SCU ran deeper: He wanted to learn the skills needed to lead his team to success recruiting and retaining employees in Silicon Valley businesses.

"The reason why this program being in Silicon Valley is important to me is because Silicon Valley is the tech center and the innovation center of the world," Gabe explained. "You actually have professionals that have been in that world teaching what they know and also teaching what they're currently researching as well, so we get to learn about the latest news and the latest trends here in Silicon Valley."

As a university at the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara challenges students to tap into the innovative nature of the region from wherever they may reside at the moment, allowing you to get advanced skills that may not otherwise be available to you in your area.

"We are the center of creativity and technology, and here in Silicon Valley, we run the way the world communicates, and I really feel that if you can make it here and if you can get educated here, then you could apply those skills to many other places all over the world."

Hear more about Gabe's quest to become a game-changing leader by tapping into Silicon Valley innovation in our video above.

As Gabe discusses in our video above, studying online, even in our technology-savvy society, carries a bit of a stigma with it, but the times are already changing. Read more about the many benefits to earning your degree online.