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Inside the Online MBA: Data Science and Business Analytics

07 May
Data Science Sampson Tupua
Sampson Tupua, MBA ’21 Candidate

When I enrolled at Santa Clara University, I was working as a supervisor for the Patient Transport Department at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital located in Palo Alto, CA. I genuinely wanted to branch out of the healthcare field, and I was doing this role just to get by until I could obtain skills and knowledge that I felt only Santa Clara University’s Online MBA program could offer. I had high hopes for pivoting my career path toward what I wanted to do by joining a well-known local tech company in a position where I could utilize my leadership skills and knowledge.

Kicking It Off: The Online MBA Residency

While attending Santa Clara University’s three-day residency weekend at the start of the Online MBA program, I felt my motivation and enthusiasm for educational growth begin to truly expand as I was able to meet like minded individuals from many different backgrounds. Some of my new fellow cohort astonished me when I began to learn more about them and what they have done in their careers. This networking experience allowed me to improve my knowledge, my resume, and my skills immensely.

During the residency, I began to receive emails from the school’s Handshake page for students who had only completed one year of the program and were already receiving job offers. This was exciting for me because it helped me feel that “If they could do it, then so can I.” Having this in the back of mind, I knew that I had to push through the many academic challenges I faced with this program to make my goal come true. Sure enough after many challenging classes and life challenges I landed a position as a proposal analyst for the world’s number three manufacturer of aerospace products, Lockheed Martin.

This accomplishment was huge for me because I had taken a pretty big risk in leaving my role at the hospital to focus on my education, and I was hoping to do something more effortless career-wise until I graduated. Unfortunately, when I left my role, COVID-19 hit and I could not find any work. I struggled trying to get by but there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The Transformative Power of Data Science and Business Analytics

I pursued the MBA with the Data Science and Business Analytics concentration with a few other classmates from my cohort. With the new knowledge and skills I gained in these courses, I was able to pick up some work on a freelance basis. Among the most vital skills I have learned in this concentration is the ability to explain how data science is immensely beneficial in figuring out key issues affecting businesses. I am now also able to understand what algorithms to use for various data collected from businesses to improve processes and how to use them.

If I were to provide any advice to prospective SCU Online MBA students, it would be to take data science courses, as they offer the most beneficial knowledge and skills such as coding in Python and manipulating data in both MS Excel and SQL. With these new skills, I am ready to begin work with Lockheed Martin shortly after I graduate this upcoming August 2021.

Support on the Online MBA Journey

This journey would not have been possible if it were not for outstanding individuals who have done their best to see to it that I succeed in this MBA program. As a first-generation college graduate, I struggled with basic academic enrollment processes such as applying for financial aid and trying to figure out which classes I needed to enroll in and how to do so. One of the most dedicated and most helpful people in this program has been the director of the online business program, Amanda Brehm. She has assisted me with all resources I could have possibly asked for while also continuously dealing with my repetitive questions regarding this specific program. Another faculty member who has truly guided me through finding my concentration was Professor Bala. He introduced me to the Data Science and Business Analytics concentration in a way I could not only understand but apply to real-life scenarios. I will be forever grateful to both individuals as their combined knowledge and expertise are what truly helped me succeed.

Lastly, I want to thank my fellow cohort. if it was not for them, I think I wouldn’t have made it through this journey. There have been so many long nights, but my fellow Broncos were by my side the entire time as I continued to persevere and make my way to graduation. I can honestly say with confidence that I am proud to be a Bronco, and I will always uphold the Bronco way.