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Leavey School of Business Leads Poets&Quants Rankings Again

28 Nov
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For the second consecutive year, the Online MBA program at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business has placed at the very top of Poets&Quants’ annual rankings, holding the #1 spot in the categories of academic experience and career outcomes.

These accolades come just a few months after Fortune Education’s national rankings named the Leavey School of Business #2 for employment at the five largest tech companies: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook.

Standout Rankings Reflect SCU Graduates’ Experience

The strength of these rankings lies in a simple, powerful fact: They’re founded on our students’ and graduates’ experience in the Online MBA program and because of it.

With a total score of 100 out of 100, the Poets&Quants announcement said, “Santa Clara won the academic experience category based on alumni data from the past two years.”1 This ranking is determined based on two criteria:

  • The average score of 15 one-to-ten scaled questions
  • The average rating of three other questions looking at student clubs and organizations, and completing a consulting project

The Online MBA topped the charts in career outcomes, as well—also with an unbeatable score of 100 out of 100. Similarly based on alumni data, this ranking evaluation considers: 2

  • The average percentage of graduates to report earning a promotion and/or salary increase
  • The average rating alumni gave their school’s career services and advising office
  • The average percentage of graduates to say the program helped them reach their primary career goal
  • The average percentage of graduates to say the program helped them reach their secondary career goal
  • The ratings given to their ability to build a professional network through the online MBA program and the quality of that network

Santa Clara University is honored by this recognition and by the praise our alumni have offered for diverse strengths of the Online MBA program.

High-Quality Online Learning Experience

“The program at Santa Clara University differentiates itself from other programs by the innovative way in which the content is delivered to the student. The platform that we use throughout our courses is seamless and intuitive.”
—Robin S., MBA ‘20
Principal and Managing Director, SVN | Capital West Partners

SCU’s cutting-edge Online MBA curriculum and industry-expert instructors prepare you to succeed as an SVP: a Silicon Valley Professional. As you advance through the program, you’ll track your progress, collaborate, network, and note your accomplishments on the SVP dashboard: an in-depth, interactive resource that’s unique to the Leavey School of Business. It’s the online portfolio where you’ll see your credentials adding up—and your hiring potential increasing.

“The innovative culture at SCU is second to none.”
—Gage E., MBA ‘20
Clinical Sales Representative | Stryker

Connection to Leading Silicon Valley Firms

“The [Tesla] hiring manager told me that he wanted to speak with me not just because I had all the skills to do the job but because I graduated from SCU.”
—Akhilesh M., MBA ‘20
Senior Software Engineer | Tesla

SCU’s location in the heart of Silicon Valley puts today’s tech experts at the front of our classes. Students learn directly from uniquely experienced industry professionals who are deeply entrenched—and connected—in the nation’s hub of creativity and innovation. With that network and SCU’s academic strengths, it’s no wonder that we’re a national leader in career outcomes and hiring in Big Tech. More than 24,000 of our business school alumni have landed positions with companies in this tech-centric region.

A recent webinar included discussion of the tremendous opportunities that the Online MBA program creates. Tune in to hear the full conversation.

“The reputation of SCU at top tech firms globally is incredible. I manage a team that is responsible for business in over 30 countries and four continents, and SCU’s name is recognized everywhere I go.”
—James M., MBA ‘20
Director of Technology | Tekion

MBA Concentrations That Get You to Your Goals

“The SCU Online MBA program immediately had an impact on my job. As I was learning, I took pieces of the education and applied them to problems I was facing at work."
—Robert W., MBA ‘21
Senior Product Manager | Adobe

Santa Clara University MBAs are SVPs: professionals with the skills and tenacity to make change happen in their careers and for their companies. The dynamic, keenly relevant curriculum that builds the SVP’s expertise includes four options for specific concentration.

Data Science and Business Analytics

Immerse yourself in the most up-to-the-minute analytical and data skills, presented within a context of essential business knowledge. As you work directly and with engineering and technical teams to deliver data-driven solutions, you’ll learn to synthesize company data resources to address diverse business problems and offer market-based perspectives and solutions to help drive corporate value.

Leading Innovative Organizations

Become the leader you’d want to follow: one who creates, organizes, and sustains organizational systems and processes necessary for success in rapidly changing environments. Deepen your understanding of the innovation context, leadership in complex environments, team and project management, and agile decision-making.


Become fluent with the state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques utilized by innovative companies throughout the industry and around the world. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of how to develop, manage, and market products, brands, and services in contexts including high tech, business-to-business, and more.


As you become familiar with key financial markets, you’ll develop the expertise to evaluate and manage financial securities such as stocks, bonds, options, and futures. Learn to apply financial principles in corporate settings, such as choosing and managing investment projects, and in investment settings, such as by constructing investment portfolios. Build your knowledge of the links between finance and marketing, operations, and other business functions.

“I wanted to gain a greater understanding of business and advance my career. This practical knowledge will allow me to make a greater impact.”
—Thomas M., MBA ‘20
Product Marketing Manager | Delfi Diagnostics

Make Your Silicon Valley Dreams Come True

Unlike any other business school, the Leavey School of Business creates SVPs: Silicon Valley Professionals equipped with the most current, relevant industry knowledge and expertise, and empowered with the worldview and ethos for which Santa Clara University is acclaimed.

Learn from uniquely experienced industry professionals who are deeply entrenched in Silicon Valley. They teach from what’s actually happening in the heart of creativity and innovation, going far beyond academic theory to what’s current and what’s coming next. You’ll be immediately able to apply your new knowledge to your professional life.

Launch your career success at Santa Clara University. Learn more about the Online MBA program by reaching out to an Admissions Advisor today.