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The 10 Top Benefits of an Online MBA

12 Jun
10 top benefits online MBA

If you want to go further in business, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate degree can help get you there. MBAs are required for many management positions, they're seen as beneficial when companies are considering candidates for leadership roles, and they can help increase both starting salary as well as long-term earnings by tens of thousands of dollars every year.1

If you're thinking about an MBA but don't want to uproot your life, an online MBA program provides more flexibility and convenience. Here are 10 major benefits of earning your MBA online.

1. Fits Any Schedule

You aren't confined to attending class at a certain time when you study in an online MBA program, so you can view lectures and study when it's convenient for you. You can also study at intervals throughout the day.

2. Take Class Where You Want

Eliminate the commute or need to relocate. Study on any device, from the comfort of your own home or wherever you would like. Make your work commute more productive by studying on public transportation. Or, lounge by the pool as you take in a class; enjoy any learning environment you want as you work on your MBA.

3. Work While You Study

Work part time or full time while you study. Keep your current job or take on a role that allows you to earn money toward paying for your degree while you're pursuing it. Some companies will even pay for you to get your MBA while you're an employed by them. From 2015 to 2016, 34 percent of Online MBA students were sponsored by their employer for their MBA program.2

4. Network With Business Professionals

Connect with other business professionals who are students in your classes. Learn from pros in the field you want to work in. Work on group coursework in an online MBA program that gives students rich insight into innovative strategies and creative problem-solving. Use connections to gain powerful referrals and references after graduation. A study by Glassdoor found the chances of getting a job offer are up to 6.6 percent higher if you are referred by a current employee of the company.3 Studying for an online MBA widens your network with valuable new connections.

5. Gain Mentors

Online MBA programs often have small class sizes, which allows for plenty of one-on-one time with professors who can become valuable mentors on your career journey. Utilize always-on access to feel empowered to ask professors questions, get personalized advice, and improve your business acumen.

6. Obtain a Global Perspective

Today's top business environments require a global sensibility, so companies can expand and stay ahead of competitors. Meet business professionals from around the world in online MBA courses, work with them on group projects, and gain valuable insights from them through peer reviews. New relationships can lead to global career opportunities for students.

7. Learn in a Digital Setting

Not everyone thrives in in-person, traditional classroom settings. The digital environment provided by an online MBA program allows students to work at their own pace, using technology tools they're familiar with. With online MBA coursework available on any device, you can take your studies on the go and use a smartphone or tablet for always-on learning.

8. Advance Your Career

Don't sacrifice career momentum to obtain your degree. Pursuing an MBA degree signals to an employer that you are passionate and serious about advancing your business career. Working toward an MBA online may allow you to take on more responsibility at work while you're studying, as you can stay engaged with your employer and accelerate the current career growth path you're on.

9. Apply What You Learn

Apply what you're learning to a current role and potentially obtain higher positions while you're studying and beyond. Your courses may help you to think in innovative ways, which can help you become a better problem-solver at work. A 2017 survey of graduate business school alumni found that 93 percent say their education was personally rewarding, and 91 percent say it's professionally rewarding.4 Your coursework may help you to think in innovative ways to become a better problem-solver at work, or even start your own company.

10. Study Freely

Taking MBA courses on campus may restrict you in terms of where you can work, how often you can travel, or where you can live. As you study for an online MBA, the rest of your life can continue however you want it to. Pack up and move or travel for a few months between courses. The choice is up to you.

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