A Framework for Ethical Decision Making from SCU Leavey

We all have an idea of what we think is “good” and “right”. When it comes to ethical dilemmas in business, however, you’ll often find that conflicting values, goals, and interests can cause tension and sometimes further escalate an already sensitive issue. Higher education and professional training rarely equips you with the skills and mindset to adequately handle these situations— but at Santa Clara University, we make them a priority.

To help you navigate ethically difficult situations, the SCU Leavey School of Business has created the Ebook “Lead With Your Ethics: A Framework for Ethical Decision Making in Business.” This resource is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of ethics and the ways that you can apply an ethical lens to your decision making processes. Throughout the book, you’ll find additional resources and commentary to enhance your learning and expand your perspective as well.

Cover of A Framework for Ethical Decision Making in Business

Included in this Ebook:

  • Comprehensive definition of ethics
  • Descriptions and examples of the six ethical lenses
  • Ready-to-use Framework for Ethical Decision Making
  • Interactive case study to practice what you’ve learned
Nydia MacGregor
Ethical dilemmas are a burden of all leaders, anywhere.
Nydia Macgregor
Associate Dean of Business Graduate Programs at Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business

Educate your mind and heart. Enhance your impact.

Ethics is an essential part of the curriculum at the Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business. This focus helps our students become highly skilled, principled leaders who are passionate about their careers and their communities. SCU graduates turn great ideas into even better actions, pushing boundaries of innovation and growth across many industries while still remaining true to their values.

If you’re interested in earning an MBA degree that will shape your skill set and your character, check out the Online MBA program from SCU Leavey.

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