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You’re committed to landing a great job in Silicon Valley. You’ve worked hard and your education and professional experience are strong credentials, but something’s missing. How do you put that last, crucial piece in place—the one that will transform you from hopeful to hired, and from an aspiring leader to a Silicon Valley Professional?

To support your advancement in the career you’ve dreamed of, the SCU Leavey School of Business has created the Ebook “Get Hired in Silicon Valley: Your Path to Success in the Heart of Tech Innovation.” It’s your next step on an upward track—one designed by Silicon Valley leaders to develop your expertise so that you outshine the competition.


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Included in this Ebook:

  • The four domains of expertise essential for Silicon Valley success
  • The skills and values intrinsic to the Silicon Valley Professional
  • Your progression from MBA student to Silicon Valley
  • Understanding the SVP Dashboard: SCU’s exclusive, interactive resource
To be successful in Silicon Valley, you cannot be afraid to go into an unknown situation. You need to be able to assess a problem and figure out a solution, no matter how hard the challenge.
James F., MBA ‘20
Director of Technology, Tekion

Prepare to Succeed in Silicon Valley

To join the elite community of Silicon Valley Professionals, learn directly from them. Acquire the principles and industry expertise that will define your career in the hub of Big Tech and far beyond it. Unlike any other business school, the Leavey School of Business creates leaders equipped with the most current, relevant industry knowledge and empowered with the ethos for which Santa Clara University is acclaimed.

Become a prized hiring choice in Silicon Valley. Choose SCU Leavey’s Online MBA program.

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