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In Silicon Valley, things are rarely “business as usual.” Standing out in this dynamic, leading-edge community requires the right combination of skills, attitude and experience—and the credentials to prove it. Since its founding in 1923, Santa Clara University has been a mainstay in Silicon Valley and the far-reaching business communities that it influences, and we continue to leverage those experiences and connections in our award-winning online master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

SCU Leavey’s AACSB-accreditation, in addition to having the #10 Best Online MBA from Poets&Quants, solidifies Santa Clara as a destination for one of the top master’s educations available today. Rooted in innovation, collaboration and ethics, our Online MBA curriculum is the exact same as a traditional on-campus degree, but with the added flexibility and freedom to complete classes where you prefer, on your schedule.

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Learn From Leaders

The Online MBA faculty at Santa Clara University is a dynamic mix of educators and veterans of industries ranging from Big Tech to CPG to healthcare. As helpful as they are knowledgeable, the faculty is eager to share its wealth of global experience and business knowledge with you and your classmates.

Build Powerful Connections

In the Online MBA program, you will build a vibrant professional network that spans Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond. Connect with classmates at major companies like Google, Apple, GoPro, and Tesla, and map out the exciting new directions your career could take.

Unparalleled Earning Potential

Earn an MBA that pays you back in abundance. Leavey School of Business alumni are among the best-compensated MBA graduates in the country: the average mid-career salary for a Leavey graduate is $167,800, which places them in the top 10 nationally in this category.1

Rigorous & Relevant Coursework

Our Online MBA program offers a well-rounded, real-world-applicable curriculum. With a focus on preparing professionals to lead innovation through ethical leadership, the curriculum is divided into three distinctions: core courses, “Challenges in” electives and free electives of your choosing.

How an Ethical Focus Keeps SCU's Online MBA Relevant
How an Ethical Focus Keeps SCU's Online MBA Relevant
How an Ethical Focus Keeps SCU's Online MBA Relevant

Video Transcript

Nydia MacGregor: For the Online MBA program, ethics takes a really prominent role in a couple of places. All of the courses in the MBA program were inspired by best practices from Silicon Valley. We began by saying, "Look, we think we have a rigorous curriculum, but we want to be sure that it's relevant." And ethical dilemmas is a burden of all leaders, anywhere. Doesn't matter what company you're working for, what NGO you work for, this is part of being a leader. So understanding that means you need to know how to articulate what the trade offs are, understand who's going to be affected, and then, again, starting from a base of where your values are, come to a decision that you can be proud of.

So we went to executives here in Silicon Valley and said, "Take a look at what we're doing. What do you think are the skills and values that every student graduating from here needs to have?" And principle leadership is one of them.

Anmol Thiara: Santa Clara educates the hearts and minds of every individual that steps on campus. It is, not only made for you to get a good education, but they're in a way educating the hearts and minds of every individual student within this university to go on and make a world a better place. For companies, especially startups, to be successful, cultures and values are a huge and immense component of their success.

Nydia MacGregor: And so, repeatedly, throughout the program, we ensure that we touch on best practices in general, but in specific, best practices related to principal leadership.

Anmol Thiara: Whatever path I choose to take in life, I know that the values and the upbringing that I've learned at Santa Clara University, I can take along with me, and help make the world a better place to the extent that I can.

Program Details

  • Online curriculum
  • Graduate in as few as 2 years
  • 2 on-campus residencies
  • 4 start dates: fall, winter, spring, and summer
  • AACSB and WSCUC accredited

Where Collaboration is Key

At SCU, online learning is more connected than ever. Collaboration exercises, group discussions, and various networking opportunities will allow you to form meaningful relationships with professionals from various backgrounds, industries and skill levels.

Learn more about the SCU Online MBA and download a program brochure.

Learning online with Santa Clara’s Online MBA
Learning online with Santa Clara’s Online MBA
Learning online with Santa Clara’s Online MBA

Video Transcript

Gabe Limon: Coming into this, knowing that I was going to take an online course, I had thought that it might be impersonal because it's online. I think that's the stigma attached to online courses. But how Santa Clara does it is it puts you in an environment where you're forced to collaborate with everybody. It's a necessity to collaborate with your peers in order to get the most out of this program.

Jennifer Nguyen: For me, I think the online classroom it's been structured in a way that really is trying to help us engage with each other more. Every assignment has a very discussion-based component to it where we actually have to stand our ground or defend our point of view or answer questions.

Gabe Limon: Having conversations about the coursework has really triggered a lot of thoughts in my mind about just taking positive risks in the future and applying these skills to my current job and future opportunities as well.

Jennifer Nguyen:Not only are we getting to know each other, but we're also getting very different perspectives on the readings. I have someone who's a product manager over at Cisco, as well as someone who's doing biz ops development over at Stripe, a really hot startup right now. So just having that be the type of people you're talking with every day or bouncing ideas and doing coursework with really changes your perspective but also ties into the Silicon Valley mindset at the same time.
Gabriel Limon '20 candidate
From Our Students
I get to work with some of the most brilliant minds in Silicon Valley here in this program.
Online MBA ’20

Be a Silicon Valley Professional

The ultimate goal of our curriculum is to help students become a Silicon Valley Professional (SVP). An SVP is a person with the skills and tenacity to make change happen in their career and for their company, along with the compassion and ethics to make a positive impact in their community.

To accomplish this, we use a dynamic curriculum, featuring four available online concentrations in Leading Innovative Organizations, Marketing, Finance and Data Science and Business Analytics, as well as two additional concentrations that can be completed by taking on-campus electives. While selecting a concentration is not required in order to complete the online master’s degree in business administration, concentrations allow students to showcase an area of focus within their degree. If you’d like to specialize in a particular area of business, consider choosing from the concentrations below.

Course Descriptions

Data Science and Business Analytics Concentration

The Data Science and Business Analytics concentration provides you with the most up-to-the-minute analytical and data skills, embedded within a context of essential business knowledge. Students will learn to synthesize company data resources with broader knowledge of markets to address a wide range of business problems, offer market-based perspectives and solutions to help business intelligence drive corporate value, and work directly with engineering and technical teams to deliver data-driven solutions.

View Data Science and Business Analytics Courses

Leading Innovative Organizations Concentration

The Leading Innovative Organizations concentration will help you effectively create, organize, and sustain organizational systems and processes necessary for success in rapidly changing and turbulent environments. Building from the management and innovation core courses, you will deepen your overall understanding of the innovation context, leadership in complex environments, team and project management, and agile decision-making.

View Leading Innovative Organizations Courses

Marketing Concentration

The Marketing concentration will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the development, management, and marketing of products, brands, and services in contexts including high tech, business-to-business, services, and more. Students will focus on state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques that are utilized by innovative companies across their marketing applications.

View Marketing Courses

Finance Concentration

The Finance concentration will provide students with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and manage financial securities such as stocks, bonds, options, and futures, and it will familiarize students with key financial markets. Students will learn how to apply financial principles in corporate settings, such as choosing and managing investment projects, and in investment settings, such as by constructing investment portfolios. They will also build knowledge of the links between finance and other business functions such as marketing and operations.

View Finance Courses

On-Campus MBA Concentrations

Online MBA students also have the option of pursuing one of two additional concentrations available to our on-campus MBA students:

While some courses required to complete these concentrations are unfortunately not yet available online, all Online MBA students with the ability to travel to campus for class are welcome to enroll in them.

What can I do with an Online MBA?

An MBA is so revered and coveted because of its tangible and multifaceted applications; trained in several areas of business, you’ll be able to wield your knowledge and provide value almost anywhere. Graduates from the Online MBA program at SCU Leavey can go on to find success in any of the industries listed below, much like our distinguished alumni.10
Market Research

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