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An Online MBA with an Extensive Alumni Network

03 May
Voices of the Online MBA: Jennifer Nguyen
Voices of the Online MBA: Jennifer Nguyen
Voices of the Online MBA: Jennifer Nguyen

Voices of the Online MBA: Jennifer Nguyen, Current Student

With an undergraduate degree in a non-business subject, current Santa Clara University Online MBA student Jennifer Nguyen knew she would need an MBA to accelerate her career in the corporate world of Silicon Valley. What she didn’t expect was to find a richly personal and collaborative classroom environment in an online program.

“For me, I think the online classroom has been structured in a way that really is trying to help us engage with each other more. Every assignment has a very discussion-based component to it, where we...not only are getting to know each other but we’re also getting very different perspectives on the readings,” Jennifer explained. “The type of people you’re talking with every day or bouncing ideas and doing coursework with really changes your perspective but also ties into the Silicon Valley mindset at the same time.”

With a geographic location at the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara is deeply rooted in the companies located in this region as well, leading as many as 80 percent of our graduates to work in the area.

When she decided to talk to others about their MBA experiences, she discovered just how extensive and influential the Santa Clara alumni network really is.

“When I started considering Santa Clara, I started reaching out to other Santa Clara MBA alumni within my company...and from there, even one of the VPs is a Santa Clara MBA alumni,” Jennifer shared. “And then I ended up connecting with someone who’s a marketing manager currently in the program. And then I found someone who’s ended up applying with me and starting with me. That’s the type of alumni network I want.”

Learn more about Jennifer’s time in the program and the connections she’s made so far in our video above.

And that’s just what one of our Online MBA students has to say—hear current Online MBA student Gabe Limon discuss his time in the program in our video blog post here.