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26 Apr

A Larger Impact in Our Daily Lives: What You Can Do with an MBA

Silicon Valley Online MBA

Voices of the Online MBA: Harold Tran, Current Student

For Harold Tran, deciding to earn his Online MBA from Santa Clara University was an unexpected choice stemming from his overwhelming desire to help others. With an undergraduate background in chemistry and psychology, he intended to enter the healthcare industry and provide help for people every day.

After working as an EMT, however, he realized he wanted to help people on a larger level.

"As much as I love helping people, I want to make a bigger impact," Harold explained. "And while solving a person's problems from day to day is great, you know, what I want to do is solve larger problems, and that's why I decided to pursue an MBA."

His desire to create change on a larger level arose when he noticed the impact leaders can make both in the workplace and in all realms of life. With the right leadership skills, you can solve problems beyond the scope of the everyday.

"People are affected by the things that business leaders decide," Harold continued. "When you start to see people are just like numbers, you know, that starts to become a problem," he explained. "Part of why I wanted to go into business was it helped to solve humanitarian problems in that aspect, because business isn't really just about making money and running the corporate world."

By witnessing conflicts of leadership in businesses around him, Harold's been able to note what was less successful and then strategize how to avoid repeating these errors as a leader himself.

"Of course, it's important to learn about what people have done in the past so that way we can learn how to strategize for the future," he explained. "For me, being a well-rounded leader is about not just knowing what to do when you need it—it's about organizing the people around you in order for you to follow this idea."

In our video above, you can hear more about Harold's decision to pursue his Online MBA and how becoming a Silicon Valley Professional is his next step on this leadership quest.

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