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Online MBA Academic Program Details

The Online MBA program is offered through the Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business. Known for a long tradition of excellence and ethical leadership in the community, the business school has organized the Online MBA program in a comprehensive manner.

How an Ethical Focus Keeps SCU's Online MBA Relevant
How an Ethical Focus Keeps SCU's Online MBA Relevant
How an Ethical Focus Keeps SCU's Online MBA Relevant

Program Details

  • Online curriculum
  • Graduate in as few as 2 years
  • 2 on-campus residencies
  • 4 start dates: fall, winter, spring, and summer
  • AACSB and WSCUC accredited

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Bring Silicon Valley to You

Our Online MBA program offers a well-rounded, real-world-applicable curriculum. With a focus on preparing professionals to lead innovation through ethical leadership, the curriculum is divided into three distinctions: core courses, “Challenges in” electives, and free electives of your choosing.

Silicon Valley. Anytime, Anywhere.

The benefits of an online learning environment are straightforward and dynamic. It allows you to pursue your graduate education and develop your business skill set while maintaining a full-time job, scheduling your class time on your time. It also lets you access a celebrated business school from wherever you may be living at the moment.

Learning online with Santa Clara’s Online MBA
Learning online with Santa Clara’s Online MBA
Learning online with Santa Clara’s Online MBA

Learn more about the SCU Online MBA and and download a program brochure.

Be a Silicon Valley Professional

The ultimate goal of our curriculum is to help students become a Silicon Valley Professional (SVP). An SVP is a person with the skills and tenacity to make change happen in their career and for their company, along with the compassion and ethics to make a positive impact in their community.

To accomplish this, we use a dynamic curriculum, featuring four available online concentrations in Leading Innovative Organizations, Marketing, Finance, and Data Science and Business Analytics, as well as two additional concentrations that can be completed by taking on-campus electives. While selecting a concentration is not required in order to complete the Online MBA program, concentrations allow students to showcase an area of focus within their degree. If you'd like to specialize in a particular area of business, consider choosing from the concentrations below.

Course Descriptions

Data Science and Business Analytics Concentration

The Data Science and Business Analytics concentration provides you with the most up-to-the-minute analytical and data skills, embedded within a context of essential business knowledge. Students will learn to synthesize company data resources with broader knowledge of markets to address a wide range of business problems, offer market-based perspectives and solutions to help business intelligence drive corporate value, and work directly and with engineering and technical teams to deliver data-driven solutions.

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Leading Innovative Organizations Concentration

The Leading Innovative Organizations concentration will help you effectively create, organize, and sustain organizational systems and processes necessary for success in rapidly changing and turbulent environments. Building from the management and innovation core courses, you will deepen your overall understanding of the innovation context, leadership in complex environments, team and project management, and agile decision-making. Required courses for the Leading Innovative Organizations concentration are:

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Marketing Concentration

The Marketing concentration will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the development, management, and marketing of products, brands, and services in contexts including high tech, business-to-business, services, and more. Students will focus on state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques that are utilized by innovative companies across their marketing applications. SCU is ranked the #12 Best Online MBA for Marketing.1

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Finance Concentration

The Finance concentration will provide students with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and manage financial securities such as stocks, bonds, options, and futures, and it will familiarize students with key financial markets. Students will learn how to apply financial principles in corporate settings, such as choosing and managing investment projects, and in investment settings, such as by constructing investment portfolios. They will also build knowledge of the links between finance and other business functions such as marketing and operations. SCU is ranked the #10 Best Online MBA for Finance.1

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On-Campus MBA Concentrations

Online MBA students also have the option of pursuing one of two additional concentrations available to our on-campus MBA students:

While some courses required to complete these concentrations are unfortunately not yet available online, all Online MBA students with the ability to travel to campus for class are welcome to enroll in them.

Meet Your Professors

Dedicated to finding innovative solutions to any and all problems, the Leavey School of Business faculty is comprised of experienced leaders in business. They have the know-how and tools needed to help motivated professionals advance their skill sets.

Meet the Faculty

Admissions Requirements

Our Online MBA program is designed for professionals seeking to take the world on head first. Those interested in applying should review the complete admissions requirements by clicking the button below.

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Which Santa Clara Online Business Program Is Right for You?

Online MBAOnline MBA, Marketing ConcentrationOnline MS in Marketing
Time to CompletionAs few as 2 yearsAs few as 2 yearsAs little as 1 year
Program FormatOnline, asynchronousOnline, asynchronousOnline, asynchronous
GMAT/GRE RequiredYesYesYes
GMAT/GRE Waiver AvailableYesYesYes
Expedited Alumni Admission PathwayYesYesYes
Total Program Credits70 units70 units36 units
Electives26 units26 units (Marketing concentration fills 12 elective credits)18 units
Concentrations Available*6: Leading Innovative Organizations, Marketing, Finance, Data Science and Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, Food EntrepreneurshipThis is 1 of 6 concentrations available in the MBA programNo
On-Campus Requirements2: On-campus residencies at the start and end of the program2: On-campus residencies at the start and end of the programOn-campus residency weekend at the start of the program
Annual Program Starts4 (winter, spring, summer, fall)4 (winter, spring, summer, fall)2 (spring and fall)
Minimum GPA Required for AdmissionNoneNoneNone
Work Experience Required3 or more years of professional workexperience3 or more years of professional workexperienceNone
Essays Required for Admission3 short business essays3 short business essays3 short business essays
Letters of Recommendation Required222
Interview RequiredYesYesYes
Tuition per Credit Hour**$1193/unit$1193/unit$1108/unit
Total Tuition**$83,510$83,510$39,888
Leavey Scholarships Available4 scholarships available, but subject to change4 scholarships available, but subject to changeNone
Application Fee$148$148$148

*The Data Science and Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, and Food Entrepreneurship concentrations require completion of on-campus courses.
**Tuition rate is subject to change annually.

Online MBAOnline MBA, Marketing ConcentrationOnline MS in Marketing
Current Goals

- Grow your network

- Get promoted

- Increase your salary

- Expand your career options

- Grow your network

- Get promoted

- Increase your salary

- Pivot into marketing

- Position yourself to advance in the field of marketing

- Pivot into marketing

- Grow your network

Long-Term Career Aspirations- Upper management or C-suite position- Upper management or C-suite position with strong marketing foundational knowledge

- Marketing management role

- CMO (long-term goal)


- Desire to make professional connections

- Belief in a well-rounded, customizable education

- Desire to make professional connections

- Desire to explore marketing deeply within a well-rounded curriculum

- Desire to be an expert marketer

- Belief in the importance of adaptability

Program Is Perfect if You...

- Want the freedom to choose multiple electives

- Value a flexible schedule and work/life balance

- Would benefit from access to a Silicon Valley network

- Want a specialized grounding in marketing amid your broader MBA curriculum

- Value a flexible schedule and work/life balance

- Would benefit from access to a Silicon Valley network

- Are deeply fascinated by marketing technology and its uses

- Want a focus on marketing with a grounding in management fundamentals

- Value a flexible schedule and work/life balance

Click here to learn about the graduate business degree programs offered on campus at Santa Clara University.

Akhilesh Malla
From Our Students
I have made some valuable connections with people from the Online MBA program. Understanding what they do at work and their reason for doing an MBA has given me new perspectives of what direction I could go with my MBA.
MBA '20 Candidate

Our Student Profile

8 years
Average work experience
Average GPA
of prospective students pursue the Online MBA for career advancement
Ages 21-25 years old
Ages 26-30 years old
Ages 31-35 years old
Ages 36-45 years old

Interested in our Online MBA?

Priority Deadline
April 25
Summer 2021 Term
Application Deadline
May 23
Summer 2021 Term
Next Start
June 14
Summer 2021 Term

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