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The Leavey School of Business is proud to offer a new Online Master of Science (MS) in Marketing, a degree program designed to help you thrive through ongoing change in the 21st-century marketing environment. This novel master’s in marketing degree, which can be completed in as little as one year, can put you on the fast track toward a leadership role in any of the prominent and dynamic organizations that dominate the field today.

Marketing success is a moving target. Often, it can feel like the best practices, popular platforms, and surefire strategies change almost monthly. Although SCU draws heavily from our Silicon Valley neighbors for the latest data-driven plans and tactics, we also are keenly focused on building the solid foundation that allows those operations to flourish. With the SCU Leavey Online Master’s in Marketing, you’ll become an expert in the essential principles, objectives, channels, and consumer psychology patterns that have built some of the world’s biggest brands. With a rich, versatile background as your springboard, you’ll have the confidence to explore more nuanced topics and contemporary trends.

Online Master’s in Marketing Program Details

  • 36 units
  • 15 courses
  • Four 10-week quarters
  • Complete in as little as one year
  • One on-campus* residency weekend
  • Two annual starts, fall and spring
  • Part-time and full-time enrollment options
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Online MS in Marketing at SCU: Program Overview
Online MS in Marketing at SCU: Program Overview
Online MS in Marketing at SCU: Program Overview

Video Transcript

Dale Taylor: I chose the masters in marketing online program over other programs, because I knew that it was going to specifically focus on three major areas of interest. One of them is data analytics. The second one is marketing technology and also the business ethics.

As I am making the shift from informational technology more to nonprofit, I'm starting to realize the importance of marketing and how understanding not only the fundamentals of marketing, but also the nuances of marketing within specific organizations is key. MarTech, short for marketing technology, and it really takes a look at the latest and greatest industry tools that are within Silicon Valley and within innovation. So it combines social media platforms, as well as other technologies that allow the marketer to actually interact with the customer, both virtually and through traditional marketing channels.

Faculty in the program and the impact that they do have on me, I love the fact they don't just have the academic acumen, but also the practitioner pragmatic understanding of how what they're teaching actually applies in the business world specifically here within Silicon Valley.

The thing that excites me about this cohort and specifically the students that I'm taking this journey with is just the diversity that they bring to the table. We have people who have been within corporations for countless years and have loads of marketing experience. We have family members, parents, stay-at-home moms, et cetera, as well as those who just recently graduated from Santa Clara and are ready for round two. I love that diversity and I think that will really help us as we move forward with these projects, being able to see certain problems as opportunities and possibilities through various lenses.

The Santa Clara network professionally offers me the opportunity to see what's possible, not just within MarTech, but also within various industries located here in Silicon Valley. It opens up doors for me to build connections and relationships that help professionally, but also allow me to see what's possible and to experiment with other different avenues that I myself might not initially see.

Shape Your Ethical Impact

For as much value as MarTech provides, these powerful digital marketing tools (and the people they target) demand responsible leaders who will use them ethically, and with respect for consumer protection and privacy. With help from Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, we conduct thought-provoking discussions of data collection, customer privacy and other hot-button marketing issues with global impact today. Students will graduate from the Online Master’s in Marketing instilled with the values and perspective necessary to lead conscientiously in Silicon Valley and beyond.

A Master’s Degree for Marketing Innovators

Today’s marketing industry is heavily informed, and influenced, by a variety of data—not guesses. That’s why the SCU Leavey Online Master’s in Marketing degree was created to help you become fluent in the burgeoning field of marketing technology, or “MarTech.” This not only includes the use of key marketing software like Salesforce, Google Analytics and Marketo, but it also helps you develop a keen sense of best practices for digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization, internet advertising, social media marketing and more.

A truly seamless online learning experience is one in which your coursework and lectures are just a browser tab away from the real-world materials you are learning to use. Thus, coursework for the online marketing master’s program emphasizes all aspects of MarTech, from analytics and customer behavior tracking to social media integration and digital content strategy.

Dale Taylor, Online MS in Marketing '22
The Santa Clara network offers me the opportunity to see what’s possible—not just within MarTech, but also in various industries here in Silicon Valley.
Dale Taylor
Online MS in Marketing ’22

Leadership Strategies for Today and Tomorrow

Effective marketing leadership entails more than technical fluency, even in the current digital age. The Online MS in Marketing will be your gateway to increasingly powerful management roles, and it will prepare you to effectively navigate the key relationships and face the strategic challenges that define the field. You will master content strategy, brand management, interactions with various stakeholders and more, and position yourself to lead decisively today and into the future.

Prepare For Your Next Move in Marketing

Ready to make a full-time jump to a marketing firm? Or do you want to become a manager in your marketing department and ensure that you’re qualified for the job? The array of skills you develop in the Online Master’s in Marketing program can prepare you to take on more responsibility at your current company, move into a new role and seek higher compensation. With this degree, you can claim positions like:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Account Director
  • Director of Digital Marketing
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Chief Marketing Officer

Not only will you be qualified for the role you desire, but you’ll also take home, on average, nearly 20% more in weekly earnings than professionals whose highest degree is a bachelor’s.1 With a median salary around $141,490 per year, employers are eager to recognize—and reward—the prestige and hard work of an online marketing master’s program graduate.2

The SCU MSM Faculty

The faculty of the Online Master’s in Marketing program is comprised of skilled and seasoned business professionals, many of whom teach in our Online MBA program. Their expertise in both proven professional development strategies and leading-edge marketing technologies makes them ideal educators, mentors, contacts, and references for the contemporary marketing professional.

Meet the Faculty

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